Illustrated by Julia Christians

Gizmo has been my best friend since the day I was born - he's always been around. But now they're telling me he might not always be around which completely sucks. I'm determined that me and Gizmo will have lots more fun and adventures before he goes - I mean, he loves parties, deserves pampering, and needs a break by the seaside. And as for that old saying about how you can't teach an old dog new tricks - it's true, you really can't! Gizmo's bucket list is up and running - unlike Gizmo who is totally lazy and demanding to be carried . . . All the laugh-out-loud humour you'd expect from a Ben Davis book but with added heart and poignancy . . . and a four-legged character you'll fall in love with!

The Reviews
The Blurb

"An emotional, but highly recommended read." - The Bookbag

"Hilarious and utterly heartbreaking, this title perfectly captures the joy of pet ownership as well as deftly addressing issues of mental health and divorce. Great stuff." - Peters (Book of the Week)

"Humorous, heartwarming with a massive thump of an ending that'll definitely leave you with a few tears in your eyes." - ReaditDaddy (Chapter Book of the Week)

"Laughter, fun, tears and a brilliant adventure." - Waterstones Exeter High St bookseller review