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To aid his recovery from a life-threatening illness Jordan and his family move out of the city for a healthy new start. Jordan's getting enough funny looks as the new boy at school as it is, without his Mum giving him homemade soup every day for lunch! But when Jordan meets a homeless man called Harry, and gives him the soup, it is the start of an unlikely friendship.

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Shortlisted for the Little Rebels Award

Nominated for the 2021 CILIP Carnegie Medal

Longlisted for the UKLA Book Award

Derbyshire Schools Book Award - WINNER

Juniper Book Award - WINNER

Warwickshire Junior Book Award - WINNER

Brilliant Book Award - WINNER

Alexandra Palace Book Award Libraries - WINNER

Tower Hamlets Book Award - Shortlisted


"The Soup Movement has the impressive quality – one that I normally associate with Frank Cottrell Boyce’s work – to deal with issues without making them seem like issues." - Just Imagine

"This story is a reminder that big things around the world aren't always going great but we can make a difference on our doorstep. This story is about human kindness, bringing a community together and finding hope in desperate circumstances." - Reading Zone

"A powerful and emotional book." - Scope For Imagination

"The message I have taken from the story is that it is important to be kind to others, and if you do good in the world it will help others and also make you feel good in the process." -Kyle Anand, aged ten in First News.

"A really heartwarming story exploring homelessness, cancer and the idea of small gestures creating a big impact on those around us." - Waterstones bookseller review

"A brilliantly moving and funny story." - Muddy Stilettos

"This is a great story. Lots going on, engaging characters, a powerful message. There are themes regarding terminal illness, death and grieving, bullying, homelessness, as well as family, friendship, charity and compassion. Fantastic!" - More About Books

"There is much to enjoy here for sensitive young bookworms who care deeply about social issues." - The Oxford Writer

"It is a book that I would suggest is shared – both because many children will need and/or want the opportunity to discuss the emerging story line with their adults and because many adults will really enjoy it too. Most definitely 5 out of 5 stars." - Mrs Sydney's Famous World's Smallest Library.

"A good story with a cast of empathetic characters told with humour by an engaging central protagonist." - CLPE

"I absolutely loved it. This is surely going to be the next best seller!" - Daisy Rose, young reader.

"Once you start reading this book, you won't be able to put it down. It is a story that grips you and makes you feel such a wide range of emotions." - Joseph Dodsworth, young reader.