My Embarrassing Dad's Gone Viral! is out now.

The Blurb

My Dad - the King of Cringe! 
What's a boy to do when his mum disappears, his dad moves him and his sister to the middle of nowhere, and his life takes a very swift downward turn . . . secretly launch his dad on the internet as the Next Big Thing, of course! 

'Hi guys! 
I bet every one of you knows what it's like to have an embarrassing parent - right? I bet they've done something so cringey that you wanted the ground to open up and swallow you whole. But let me tell you, my friend, NOBODY has a dad like mine. He takes embarrassing to a whole new level. If embarrassing was an Olympic sport, my dad would have, like, a gazillion gold medals.' 

This hilarious story will have instant appeal to a YouTube-watching generation and is told through a series of vlogs. Combining Ben Davis's brilliantly-funny voice and Mike Lowery's amazingly-amazing illustrations is sure to make this a hit with readers everywhere. After all, everyone knows what it's like to have an embarrassing parent, don't they?

The Reviews
The Video.

"Genuinely funny and absolutely of the moment, it's a really fun read that covers some important topics" -

"Shades of zany Jeremy Strong as Nelson's plan spirals beyond his control in this survivalism satire with a surprisingly high emotional intelligence quotient." - The Observer.

"This is British humour at it's finest, without any sentimentalising of the life of a kid in modern Britain." - Waterstones bookseller review.

"I enjoyed reading the book and learned from it, too. It’s literally magic!" - Archie, aged 11 in National Geographic Kids Magazine.

"This hilarious up-to-the-minute story will have instant appeal to a YouTube-watching generation." -

"The title of this book will be irresistible to young readers and the story, a mix of comedy and family drama, won't disappoint them." -

Illustrated by Mike Lowery