Illustrated by Mike Lowery

The Reviews

"A brilliant amalgamation of theatre of embarrassment, with a sympathetic yet engaging lead, a realistic and entertaining narrative voice, and a full-on sense of humour." - John Lloyd, FULL REVIEW HERE.

"Joe’s problems - and some of his solutions – will be horribly familiar to readers." - Julia Eccleshare, FULL REVIEW HERE.

"A funny, believable and sensitive read." - Janie Philips, FULL REVIEW HERE.

"Has genuine laugh-out-loud moments & hopeless but endearing lead character is easy to warm to. Good natured boy angst in the Adrian Mole/an older Wimpy Kid vein." - Peters Books. FULL REVIEW HERE.

"With The Private Blog of Joe Cowley, Ben Davis finds a niche in a genre that already has several big names but quickly makes himself right at home." - Jonathan Eyers. FULL REVIEW HERE.

"A book that will speak to its teenaged readership, particularly boys, and the book's layout with illustrations, notes and varied fonts also support the more reluctant reader." - FULL REVIEW HERE.

"An Adrian Mole for the blogging generation." - FULL REVIEW HERE.

"If you liked Diary of a Wimpy Kid, you will definitely like this one." - FULL REVIEW HERE.

The good people at asked the opinions of their young reviewers. You can read them HERE.

​"This is one of the most humorous books I have ever read, a book that made me laugh out loud." - Rose Heathcote, age 14.

"I would recommend this book to readers aged 13+ for a brilliant read!" - Alice Horncastle, age 14.

"I loved it very much and read it over 10 times!!" - Imogen Breaks, age 11.

"There are a lot of twists in the book that the author has cleverly put in and dramatically changes your view so quickly." - Jay Hughes, age 13.

"I really enjoyed this book, the characters were funny and the little pictures made it more enjoyable. I would look for books by this author again!" - Ben Evans, age 11.

The book was also chosen by the Reading Agency as one fo their top ten summer reads for their young volunteers. Dead chuffed about that. 

Winner of the Kingston Youth Book Award.

Shortlisted for the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards.

Shortlisted for the Leeds Book Awards.

Longlisted for the Amazing Book Awards.

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The Blurb

Sunday 1st January 
So here's the thing. I've decided to start writing a blog. A private one. The idea is that it'll help me sort my life out, because quite frankly, it can't get much worse . . . 

  • I gained the nickname Puke Skywalker after vomiting over Louise Bentley on the waltzer. 
  • I am subjected to daily wedgies by my arch-enemy Gav James. 
  • My so-called best mates are trying to get me killed in a bid to win £250 on You've Been Framed. 

This cannot go on. I have to do something, or I'll end up like Mad Morris down the park who thinks he's Jesus. By the end of next term, I'm going to be a completely different person. 

At least, that's the theory...

The Private Blog of Joe Cowley is out now.

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