Danny Dread is available now.



The Reviews

Memorable characters and plenty of plot twists to keep you engrossed' - Debbie Williams, The Primary Times in Hampshire.

​'I loved the illustrations and the presentation of the fonts. It couldn't be better!' - Primary pupil at New College School, Oxford.

'Full of fun, as you'd expect from Ben Davis, this is a hilarious and accessible read that will appeal to both girls and boys alike.' - Abby Mellor, Armadillo magazine.

'Packed full of daft incidents, last minute near misses in terms of evil plans hatched and executed and lots of humour filled excitement.' - Making Them Readers.

 'An enjoyable, fast-paced and funny adventure, taking in infernal machines, mad lab assistants and perilous moments.' -

Illustrated by Stephanie Lidbetter.

The Blurb

You know how it is when your dad's an evil super villain? 
OK, so maybe you don't, but Danny does. As heir to the Dread dynasty, he's expected to carry on the family business of kidnapping world leaders, maiming innocent bystanders, and brainwashing sharks. You know, general evil stuff. 
The problem is, achieving world domination isn't Danny's idea of fun. In fact, he'd much rather be saving the planet than enslaving it. 
But when Dad Dread hatches his most diabolical scheme yet, Danny realizes that to defeat evil, he's going to have to start thinking evil . . .